Earning a Living after Online Massage Therapy School

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Earning a Living after Online Massage Therapy School

If you’re going to an online massage therapy college, you’ve already surmounted the hurdle of planning for your life. Obviously, you’re planning in terms of figuring out what kind of a career you could benefit from. As you’re going through college, however, you should be making plans for how you’re going to make a living once you have that certification in your hand. There are some good ways that you can use the skills you learn at massage therapy school to get an edge.

Get In the Industry

If you’re interested in working at a massage studio, consider applying to it while you’re still in your online massage therapy college. You can get a job as a receptionist or in any other capacity. The advantage will be that you open up the door for yourself to get employment as a massage therapist once you’re properly certified and that you get in an environment where people can help you with your studies. This is a great way to set yourself up for having a job once you get out of massage therapy school.

Practice on Friends

Remember that, depending upon your jurisdiction, you cannot legally take money for giving a massage until you have certification from a massage therapy college as well as whatever licensing board applies in your jurisdiction. There’s no law against giving people a massage, however. As you go through your online massage therapy school, you’re going to be learning new techniques and new ways to help people deal with pain and tension. Offer your friends free massages so that you can practice on them. If you turn out to be good, they just may end up paying you once you have your certification and you could set yourself up with clients in advance.


Start getting ready to market yourself once you’re getting toward the end of your online massage therapy school. Have a webpage set up and ready to go, but remember not to launch it until you have the proper licensing so you don’t run afoul of regulations. Have an e-mail set up for your business that matches your domain name. You may also want to look at the different advertising venues available in your local area and see which ones you want to exploit after you’re done with online massage therapy school. This way, you have a plan right out of the gate and you’re already set with a marketing plan to get yourself known.

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