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Massage used to be something that was a luxury. It was something that only the wealthy enjoyed, or something that you splurged on when on vacation, or when you needed a little pampering. Over the past decade, massage therapy has taken on a new face. It is not a luxury anymore. Massage therapy has been realized for its potential to aid in healing for injuries, and its potential for rehabilitation. With its growing prominence in the medical community, has come the need for trained massage therapists. A massage therapy certification is now a highly desirable and sought after ticket to financial security.
Massage therapy is a useful tool for increasing the blood flow to parts of the body to aid in the healing of injuries and for maintaining optimal function of athletes. It is one of the few occupations that there are more positions available than those trained to fill them. If you are interested in obtaining a massage therapy certification, it may be easier than you think. You are able to complete massage therapy training programs with great flexibility, allowing you to earn your degree when your schedule allows for it.
There are many massage therapy schools available, but not all of them are top massage therapy colleges. To be valuable to potential employers, you must have a degree from a reputable institution. The professionals of have the knowledge base to compare colleges for massage therapy and match you with one that will best suit your individual needs. If you are willing to spend the time and expense earning your massage therapy certification, make sure that it is from one of the best massage therapy colleges.

Featured Schools

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

In addition to offering Massage Therapy Training programs and flexible learning options, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine offers more than 30 career-focused, undergraduate, graduate, diploma and certificate programs.

Institute of Business and Medical Careers

IBMC College’s short-term Massage Therapy Training programs were developed with you in mind. Our main goal is for you to succeed and that’s why our training programs focus on careers that are in-demand.

Colorado School of Healing Arts

The Colorado School of Healing Arts is your destination school for exceptional Massage Therapy training. Our staff is here to jumpstart and support your journey into this rewarding Massage career.

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